My services




Digital Engagement Strategy

Custom design of digital engagement strategies (menus) aligned with each client’s mission, vision and values. Bespoke strategies that combine co-created campaigns (recipes) using available resources (tools and ingredients) and make full use social media’s power.


Half-day to five-day courses for those working with social media in the business events sector. Custom built training covers core concepts of social media, planning and scheduling, content development, community engagement and recommended tools and techniques.

Content Development

Whipping up of stimulating content for the business events sector ranging from succulent blog posts to spicy videos. To make use of the freshest ingredients the capturing of content at live events is highly recommended.


Live Digital Engagement

Strategic capturing of live events to enable peak digital engagement. From rustic live blogging to an all-you-can-eat multi-camera video production, the capturing of live events offers the ultimate opportunity for digital engagement.


Stimulating keynotes to hands-on workshops crafted to engage and influence participants. Over 150 thought-provoking sessions delivered in 15 countries delivered with tangible and tasty takeaways.

Sample session titles:

  • The recipe for digital engagement success
  • Cooking up a digital storm with captivating content
  • Tasty event technology trends that will impact your business
  • Online brand management for flavour seeking professionals