ConferenceDirect APM 2019


Thank you for taking part in my “Social social selling” session today. I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it for yourself.

I want to see you succeed in using social media, in a social way, to grow your business. So I invite you to send me an email at with your social media questions.

Some common questions you might have:

Should I have separate personal and professional Facebook accounts?
I recommend having just one and using Friends Lists to manage who sees what. Yes, this is extra work, but managing two accounts also has challenges and it’s against Facebook’s policy for users to have more than one account.

Should I accept clients or colleagues as Facebook friends?
I use a Facebook Beer Test to answer this for myself. If I would have a (professional) drink alone with the person who is requesting to be my friend, then I accept.

What should I post on LinkedIn?
Anything you like. Keep it professional and add your personal touch. The most important is to share the story of what you do and how do it in an engaging way. If possible, do it in a way that anyone can understand it, including family and personal friends. They can’t refer business to you if they don’t understand what you do.

What should I use as my LinkedIn headline?
A short sentence that defines what you stand for, or how you can help people. A job title is also fine, but only if it is easy to understand what you do from it.

Should I use hashtags in my posts?
Yes, use them to help people find what you post, but never let them take over your post. Your message is always more important than the hashtags.

Is it worth purchasing LinkedIn Premium?
I would consider it when/if you are actively looking for new business and could use extra data and insights on your targets.

I hope that helps. Ask me anything you like and I will respond with my best advice for you or link you to a resource that can help. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

Here is a copy of the slides. Feel free to share them.

Stay in touch.