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Text videos

As an event organiser, you always dread the outcome of the event video. It is hard to brief, the team needs constant help to get the vision right in the middle of your event where you do not have the time. Plus it is a major dent in the budget to hire a good film crew. More often than not, some cool iPhone shoots will do the job just as great.

Another way is to utilise event photos. An experienced event or exhibition photographer is great at captioning those still moments with people, rooms, interactions, speakers, food, music, dinners, etc. This is where tools like Rocketium or Lumen5 come in. They work with video as well, so if you are feeling adventurous combine the two.

If you scroll through your social media sites today, it is easy to see that Facebook and other platforms favour videos uploaded directly. They have a much better ranking on the wall than photos or text. Google does the same, it will detect you spend more times on a blog and that you watched the 30-second video. If you have a blog, make sure to get some videos on there!

The popular buzz feed videos with text, free music in the background and excellent photos get peoples attention and quickly conveys a message in a powerful way. Both tools offer a number of options to give your photos a dynamic flair and help you create engaging videos.

Here are two examples: