About me


Hi, I’m Miguel Neves.

I’m a passionate social media advocate and experienced events industry professional. I created this website to demystify social media and to share easily actionable social media concepts and recipes. I write, consult, speak and train all over the world on social media for the events industry and related topics.

I started my career in music and live events production and the moved into events eventually becoming an event planner. I am the proud holder a masters’ degree in Conference and Events Management from the University of Westminster. and I hold two additional professional credentials, Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and a Digital Event Strategist (DES).

Social media became a professional focus while I was working as an event planner with SYNAXIS Meetings and Events and volunteering with the MPI UK & Ireland Chapter. When I later joined the IMEX Group, initially to manage the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum series of events, this led to a role in digital marketing and online community engagement. During my time at IMEX, I was part of a significant shift in thinking about social media, community management and digital engagement strategies. I am fortunate to continue to work with the IMEX Group, now on a consultant basis, and now have a variety of clients from the events industry.